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A lady nrass disallow elder adult dating

By default, Elders are allowed to flirt with Young Adults, Adults & Elders. NRaas > Story Progression > Caste Options > Young Adults > (Reset To Defaults) > being partnered with an older woman), I created five new Castes as follows. So, you want to turn your young adult into a pedobear without a mod? you came to the right place. since some. " NRaas \ Story Progression \ Town Options \ Romance: Marriage Name" and set it to .. you make it possible for straight sims to become pregnant by their female partners as well. If you want to disallow "Young Adult " and " Elder " flirting.

A lady nrass disallow elder adult dating - are you

How do I allow pregnancy only for married sims? Can i do that in sims3 pc? Damn good question there Jen. This page is about pregnancy, babies and children. February 4, at am. How many children can my sim father? I was reading your page and got really interested in the teen pregnancy mod, but when i clicked the link they web page said that there was no such mod to be downloaded. In The Sims 3 can you have a child with another woman? However, they can become pregnant in the final days of their Adult stage, and Maybe someone will make a mod that allows elder pregnancy, but quite frankly that's a bit weird. And, it doesn't have to stop there, a sim can father as many children as you like. To enable female-female pregnancy: This option is set to "Young Adults ", " Adults ", and " Elders ". If you want to disallow "Young Adult " and " Elder " flirting. On City Hall or an in-game computer, NRaas > Woohooer > Woohoo > Allow Teen Woohoo and (same path) > Allow Teen- Adult Woohoo. Missing: lady ‎ dating.

A lady nrass disallow elder adult dating - labeled 'educational

What happens if the Vampires overrun the town? February 11, at pm.

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